Writers Groups

This site exists to promote the Writers Groups in Kentucky, their publications and events.

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Writers, Publications and Special Events

Writers, especially Indie writers, need an audience.  This site highlights works published by members of Kentucky’s writing groups.  It also spreads the word when a member of one the state’s writing groups wins a writing contest or award or has a special event — e.g., a book signing, speaking engagement, or the like.

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Discussion and Collaboration

We also hope to encourage  discussion and collaboration by Writing Group members on topics of interest.   And we hope to highlight opportunities of interest to Kentucky writers.

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Writers Groups

In several locations in Northern Kentucky, unnoticed by the media or law enforcement, small groups of individuals are plotting murders. And summoning dragons, holding exorcisms, finding true love, recreating the past, winning tense courtroom battles,  and otherwise spinning captivating stories.

Meeting in a conference room in their local public library, organization or coffee, these writers gather to critique group members’ writing, to offer encouragement, and to share tips on getting published and marketing their works.

These groups typically include a mix of writers at all levels of experience working on anything from poetry or short stories to longer works.  A writing group might include someone writing a fantasy novel involving werewolves, vampires, or other mythological creatures. Someone else may be writing a Vietnam or Iraq war memoir.  Often, someone simply wants to put on paper his or her own life story and memories, hoping their grandchildren will find them of interest.  Others may be working on any of the usual sorts of books found in bookstores – thrillers, science fiction, historical fiction and romance.

A talented few will have their works picked up by traditional publishers.  Others will self-publish, with sales often only to a handful of family and friends. Some profess no publishing ambitions or plan to publish on their blogs.

Next Steps…

Please keep in touch!  Notify me at garyreed@writersgroups.us of publications by your group or its members, special events and awards.  Meanwhile, check out our blog entries up news and updates.
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