Big Year for CWG Author L N Passmore!

Covington Writers Group member L.N. Passmore published Wayward Wulves Beware, Book 1 of the Eye of the Wulf Series, this year. This mythic novel was twenty years in the making, and its prose is as beautiful and lush as any you’re likely to encounter in this genre. Wayward Wulves Beware is available an Amazon on and Barnes & Noble.

That was huge, but check out two other 2017 delightful contributions by this prolific writer.

— “Of Fat Rats, Mad Cats and a Cowardly Collie” in the Covington Writers Group 2017 Anthology.

— And the very recent “The Year Daddy Cut Off Christmas” on the L. N. Passmore website Moving Mountains under Appalachian Tales.

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