Covington Writers Group writers have an award and new publications to crow about

The Covington Writers Group has a lot to boast about.

Chanticleer International Book Awards has just shortlisted L.M. Passmores Wayward Wulves Beware (March 27, 2017, 334 pages). The first volume in the Eye of the Wulf series, Wayward weaves Celtic myth and mountain lore into a tartan of greed and treachery, courage and sacrifice. Wulves and Faer Ones, their faerie allies, defend Eden-like Lisnafaer against the corruption wrought by human necromancers. Ms. Passmore’s volume competed with thousands of others from around the world and made it through seven rounds of reviews.

Gary Reed ventures into historical fiction with his new novel, Things Could Get Ugly (April 12, 2018, 457 pages). Set in Covington, Kentucky, in the summer of 1939 – just before WW II breaks out in Europe, the novel will appeal to historical fiction fans and to those interested in the era of bookies and mobsters.  Jack O’Brien, a fast-talking young reporter, is looking for the “big story”— the story that will make his career.   When he watches the trial of black man, he believes the arrest and conviction are a frame-up.  In a town where Jim Crow still rules, and the mob is making in-roads, who wants this man silenced — and why?  If Jack pursues the truth, things could get ugly.

CWG’s members Elle Mott and Kim Armstrong participated in Community of Stories, an annual event sponsored by the School for Creative and Performing Arts, Cincinnati. This year’s event, held on April 15, brought a cross-section of the community together to share diverse perspectives and life stories.

Ms. Mott’s latest publications are the reflective essay, “Transformation is About Becoming Who I Am” and the poem “Forest” (co-written) in the literary journal, Community of Stories: On the Wings of Change: 2017. These publications are part of Ms. Mott’s participation in the School for Creative and Performing Arts, Cincinnati. Other publications have included inclusion in literary journals, and twice in a national news magazine. She received an honorary award, Community Service Leader of the Year, 2017 by an area community-involved non-profit organization.

Ms. Mott’s memoir, Out of Chaos is in the copy editing and production process with her publisher. Expected for publication later this year, 2018, her debut book is edgy, a little dark and harrowing, and then comes full circle into a bright new way of living. At the heart of her true story, she shares the chaos chased, secrets kept, and then how she let go to claim truth and found connection with others. It reveals what we make of choices and consequences—and what these make of us.

All four established writers contribute regularly to the Covington Writers Group annual anthologies.

The Covington Writers Group is a nonprofit organization. The group meets the first and third Saturdays of the month at the Center for Great Neighborhoods, 321 W. MLK/12th Street, Covington, KY.

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