Things Could Get Ugly

Things Could Get Ugly by Gary Reed is available for preorder now and goes on sale April 15. Both the Boone County Writers Group and the Covington Writers Group previewed parts of this historical novel, set in late summer 1939 (just before World War II began in Europe). The protagonist, Jack O’Brien, is a young reporter who returns home, hoping to the find the “big story” — the story that will make his reputation and help him land a coveted position as a foreign correspondent. He learns that a preacher has been getting more than amens from the ladies of the choir. Some has framed a black man for a crime that never happened. And a politician is trying to get a contract awarded to a mob-controlled company. As Jack looks for the common thread in these stories, he finds he cares about the people involved. He also finds love. But if he insists on finding the truth, things could get ugly.

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