Boone County Public Library

Patricia Correll, the author of Late Summer, Early Spring (DSP Publications 2015), is working on an intriguing fantasy set in Iron Age times.  It begins with a young woman struggling to free herself and swim the surface of a lake before she drowns.

John Bercaw, the author of A Pink Mist, a Viet Nam War memoir, is working on – among other things – a novel set in Viet Nam.

Group member Katie Dressel prompts laugh-out-loud responses to the early chapters of a light-hearted romance, for which she hopes to find a professional publisher.

“A good writers’ group is essential for any serious author,” Correll says.  “The Boone County Library group is the best I’ve been involved in – a diverse bunch of hard workers who don’t mind telling the truth.”

Group member Casey Loehrke, who is also working on a complex fantasy novel, adds, “It’s a great way to get feedback on your work and see how other people react to it.”